Future Courses

Vision Academy is pleased to announce that the following courses will be offered in the near future by our highly qualified faculty members:
# Course Title Instructor
1 Who is the Holy Spirit? To be filled with the Holy Spirit and to live by the Holy Spirit Samuel H. Lee
2 Overcoming Loneliness and Depression TBA
3 God and Money TBA
4 Biblical Views on Social Justice TBA
5 Preparing for College Selection and Admission TBA
6 Using Social Media for Evangelism TBA
7 Evangelism at School and Work Places TBA
8 Building Healthy Relationships and Boundaries TBA
9 Exploring Fifferent Denominations and Traditions TBA
10 Finding Your Passion and Purpose in Life TBA
11 Exploring the Different Gifts and Talents that God has given us TBA
12 The Role of Prayer in a Christian's Life TBA