Dating and Marriage from a Godly Perspective

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“Most foundationally, marriage is the doing of God. And ultimately, marriage is the display of God. It displays the covenant-keeping love between Christ and his people to the world in a way that no other event or institution does. Marriage, therefore, is not mainly about being in love. It’s mainly about telling the truth with our lives. And staying married is not about staying in love. It is about keeping covenant and putting the glory of Christ’s covenant-keeping love on display.” (John Piper, excerpt from “This Momentary Marriage”)

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, students will be hopeful and excited about growing in covenant, first with God and then their future spouse. They will have a biblical vision for marriage and manhood/womanhood, and some practical tools for building healthy relationships as a foundation for a joyful marriage.

Required Texts and Materials

Piper, J., This Momentary Marriage, a Parable of Permanence, (2012); Crossway Publishers. ISBN: 978-1433531118

Course Evaluation

Student performance will be evaluated based on attendance, assignments, course participation, and the final essay.



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Little-Sarah Kim is a Shepherdess at University Bible Fellowship based in Chicago.

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