Freedom from Porn

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According to a survey, 89% of growing Christian men watch porn at least occasionally. More than 60% view it at least weekly. More than half of these practicing Christian men say they are addicted to pornography. The survey also shows that more than 50% of Christian women in college watch porn at least occasionally. These women are practicing Christians, involved in campus ministry, many of them are in leadership positions. Though their faith is important to them, pornography remains a part of their lives. Josh McDowell said, “There’s never been anything in history that is destroying more churches, more pastors, more marriages, more young people, than pornography.” So many Christians are living as slaves to porn, thinking that this is an exceptional area that we cannot really do anything about. This is a lie from the devil. Can we be freed from porn? Yes. You can have freedom from the bondage and experience a great victory in Jesus. This class will guide you to see the destructive impacts of porn and the roots of porn addiction, and to learn how to overcome them.

Course Objectives

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.” (Galatians 5:1a) Many Christians live as if they were still slaves to sin. We struggle with our signature sins. We need to learn how to live a new life with a new identity and purpose. We need to experience a victory in the area that’s enslaving us continuously. One victory can lead to another and to a powerful life. The goal of this course is to help young people to experience a victory in pornography addiction. Upon completion of the course, they will understand the brutal realities of porn’s impact, the root causes of the addiction, and how to be set free from it, which is a holistic approach that includes physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational factors. Without addressing this issue, discipleship is not possible.

Required Texts and Materials

Ted Shimer, The Freedom Fight: The New Drug and the Truths that Set Us Free, (2020); High Bridge Books. ISBN: 978-1-946615-55-8
Online materials (

Course Evaluation

Student performance will be evaluated based on attendance, course participation, and the final essay.



Course Schedule
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Mar 25 (09:00 AM) Apr 01 (09:00 AM) Apr 08 (09:00 AM) Apr 15 (09:00 AM) Apr 22 (09:00 AM)
  • Week 1 - Mar 25
    09:00 AM

    Introduction: Reality check

  • Week 2 - Apr 01
    09:00 AM

    Brain, Soul, and Life

  • Week 3 - Apr 08
    09:00 AM

    Sexualized Society

  • Week 4 - Apr 15
    09:00 AM


  • Week 5 - Apr 22
    09:00 AM

    Holistic Approach for Freedom

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Dr. Moses Noh

Moses Noh is a layman missionary in Philadelphia. Since he accepted God’s grace and calling in college he has been committed to UBF campus mission. He is happily married to Rebekah who is also a UBF layman missionary and they have three children, David (21), Grace (19), and Abraham (18). He is a professor at Drexel University and specialized in... Read More

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