Spiritual Leadership in the Books of Samuel and Kings

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Many leaders appear in the Bible. We can learn the strong points and weak points of their leadership as well as their faithfulness and failure by carefully studying the bible with the quality of their leadership in mind. In this course, we will survey the books of Samuel and Kings to study the spiritual leadership of Eli and Samuel, King Saul and David, and Prophet Elijah and Elisha. Eli and Saul failed in serving God. Prophet Samuel and King David are good examples of leaders who served the Lord for the spiritual warfare and revival among the people of God. Elijah was an exemplary prophet in Northern Israel. Elisha served the Lord in the spirit of Elijah. They lived in a critical period of Israel with prevalence of Baal worship. They challenged the people against their idol worship through their prayers and powerful messages.

Course Objectives

Students will learn how the servants in the books of Samuel and Kings served the Lord and took care of his flocks. We will apply their leadership to us and current leaders. Jesus called us to be spiritual leaders in this generation. God wants us to be a priestly nation and holy people. We can grow as spiritual leaders by studying the great leaders in the Bible and applying their leadership quality to us. This course is offered with prayers that God may raise many spiritual leaders from the young people in our ministry.

Required Texts and Materials

Books of 1 and 2 Samuel; 1 and 2 Kings

Course Evaluation

Student performance will be evaluated based on course participation and the final essay.



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Dr. Nehemiah Kim

Dr. Nehemiah Kim is a staff shepherd serving Gwangju UBF (Chapter 1) in Korea.
He earned a BA degree in English (Korea University), Master of Divinity (Westminster Divinity School), and ThD/PhD (Kwangshin University).
He authored several books, including <칼빈의 성경해석학>, <칼빈의 성경해석학과 설교, 그리고 묵상>, <성경의 숲>

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