Faith with Assurance: To Live in Christ with Confidence

Faith with Assurance: To Live in Christ with Confidence course image

Not everyone has a dramatic conversion experience like St. Paul did. Satan can use this lack of specific experience to plant doubt in us, especially when we become spiritually weak. Even the great leaders such as Charles Spurgeon and Mother Teresa suffered with lack of assurance. Such struggles of a believer may be an indication that he or she is not suffering from false assurance (87% of Americans said that they are sure they will go to heaven according to a survey; clearly many of them have false assurance).

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, we will understand what it means to have assurance in God, several factors that can cause the erosion in assurance, what should be the basis of our assurance, and what can be done if we still lack assurance. We can live a life of faith, with the help of the word of God and guidance of the Holy Spirit, with convictions of God’s work in our lives. This course will explore the word of God that can help students to have assurance in the following five areas: 1. Assurance of personal salvation; 2. Assurance of answered prayers; 3. Assurance about God’s calling for mission; 4. Assurance of God’s presence in life; and 5. Assurance of eternal life in heaven.

Required Texts and Materials

Whitney, Donald S., How can I be sure I'm a Christian? The Satisfying Certainty of Eternal Life, (2019); NavPress. ISBN: 978-1-64158-184-4



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Dr. Daniel Y. Lee

  • Missionary at Shippensburg UBF (in central Pennsylvania) 
  • Emeritus professor of economics at Shippensburg University
  • Ph.D. in Economics, University of Pittsburgh
  • President of Pennsylvania Economic Association (1999-2000)
  • Families of his three children (Daniel James, Sarah, and Esther) are serving the Lord in State College and Washington
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