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Our Faculty

Abraham (Jaehee) Song
Missionary Abraham (Jaehee) Song

Seattle UBF

Abraham Bae
Dr. Abraham Bae

Washington D.C. UBF

Abraham Donghyok Seo
Dr. Abraham Donghyok Seo

Asan UBF

Bora Sul
Dr. Bora Sul

Washington D.C. UBF

Daniel Y. Lee
Dr. Daniel Y. Lee

Shippensburg UBF

David Seung Won
Missionary David Seung Won

Chicago UBF

Haejin Jean Kim
Dr. Haejin Jean Kim

Amen UBF

John K. Lee
Dr. John K. Lee

Central Illinois UBF

Joseph Cho
Dr. Joseph Cho

Los Angeles UBF

Little-Sarah Kim
Missionary Little-Sarah Kim

Chicago UBF

Moses Noh
Dr. Moses Noh

Philadelphia UBF

Nehemiah Kim
Dr. Nehemiah Kim

Gwangju 1 & 6 UBF

Richard S Choi
Dr. Richard S Choi

Select Chapter UBF

Samuel Hyun Jung Lee
Dr. Samuel Hyun Jung Lee

Hanyang 1 UBF

Samuel Lee
Dr. Samuel Lee

Chicago UBF

William Hoesch
Mr. William Hoesch

Los Angeles UBF