A teaching assistant has been appointed for the Academy. John Jeong (a second gen from Albany UBF, New York) is our first teaching assistant. He will begin his position in January 2024 and help our faculty for two years in the following areas:

  • * Provide research for books and articles that are relevant for courses
  • * Proofread and edit PowerPoint slides 
  • * Suggest thought-provoking questions to ask the students
  • * Assist class discussion/debate (Socratic seminar, Fish Bowl, Panel, etc.)
  • * Archive the PowerPoint slides, Word documents, Articles, Students' Testimonials etc.
  • * Assist course evaluations by analyzing the student responses and documenting the results that can be used to improve the courses

John is currently a graduate student in a private college in New York. His undergraduate degree is from  a state university  in New York. His work experience includes Family Owned Dry Cleaning Business in Alaska. John’s area of interest is in Creationism vs. Evolutionism, Apologetics, and how to live in a pluralistic society as a believer. John has taken several Vision Academy courses, including “God and Money,” “Who is the Holy Spirit?” and “Evangelism at School and Work.”

Vision Academy is excited to have him as the first teaching assistant and expect other young UBF leaders to join him in the program to advance this online program to bring glory to God and vision and encouragement to our youth around the world. If you are interested in becoming a teaching assistant for Vision Academy, please contact us at visionacademyubf@gmail.com